The Phantom Veo has been out now for a little while. After shooting a couple time with this little brother of the Phantom Flex4k i got more and more enthousiastic. The small and lower voltage battery, the weight and the ease to mount it to different grip is a big plu. The only min is the time it takes to download a shot from the ram to the disk. But when time is not an issue, this is a no brainer!

The VEO4K-PL-RLS brings the high imaging standards of the Phantom Flex4K to a portable and rugged body style. The compact body increases the flexibility of use including such applications as robotic arms and drone flight.

The 35mm images are detailed, high-resolution, and full sized. The 9.4 Gpx throughput is powerful so quality is not lost at high frame rates and upholds the low noise requirements of the industry.

While the VEO4K-PL-RLS does come with a standard PL mount there is user flexibility through the optional and interchangeable lens mounts.  Nikon, C, and Canon EF (with electronic control) mounts are available to increase workflow needs.

The VEO4K-PL-RLS housing comes standard in our S-style body.  With full features and connections the body is made from milled aluminum, has sealed electronics (to protect from air and dust), is lightweight (approximately 6 lbs. or 2.8 kg), and is ruggedized to increase the durability in harsh environments.