This is a question, often asked when budget is a thing, do i need a Phantom Operator. Yes you do. And no i do not say this because i am one, but time has learned that it is not the operating itself, it is the advice and support when having issues on set with the camera. What framerate is best, which shutter speed et cetera. It is not hard to learn the camera, but it is the expierence that counts. Well, that’s my opinion ;-). See what kind of camera’s you can use.

So why do i need a phantom operator and what does he do? They work together with the DoP and 1stAC to get everything setup on set. Offcourse close collaboration with the gaffer is a must. Checking the waveforms and making sure there is no flickering in the light. Setting up the camera and making sure there are enough hard discs to download the data to ;-). Then there is the speed. What framerate does the client wants, and what framerate is best! A client always wants the most, but most of the time that is not needed. People do not move that fast ;-). There are some exceptions offcourse. Working with athletes like Epke Zonderland and Daphne Schippers like i did for the AA Drink commercials did make me use full framerate! Animals is often something else. Great to work with and always suprising!
So making these decisions is why you need a Phantom operator!

Do you want to know more? Contact me and i am happy to help!

High Speed shoot for coffee. Well know and still used in the Senseo commercials